Mugical Morocco Tours

The Magic of the Flow

The Magic of the Flow...

Deep Personal transformation

Why Travel with Mugical Morocco Tours ?

We get it!

We explored Morocco for many years and have connections and contacts that will safely and joyfully will host you and guide you.

We mostly have small groups and they become a sweet , loving , caring family to share adventures with.

Small groups are wonderful vehicle for new connections, new perspectives and making experiences and stories that will last way beyond the sun tan…

Most of our tours will be accompanied and  lead by Dror himself , with help of local guides and services.

We’re a very small and personal company and want to stay that way.

Most of our travelers are here from “word of mouth”- referral by friends.

We often visit at local homes, we have just the right guides for specific interests, we’ve been at each city or restaurant already…

Our travelers come from all walks of life, what unites them is the destination-Morocco.

and the interest in Awareness of Mindfulness, Personal growth, Respect for other Cultures, Sustainability, Healing, Bettering the World, Joy and Peace…and all who are interested in Thriving and Life Enhancing journeys…

Join us and explore the “Magic of the Flow” 


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Morocco Tours: 2023

Mugical Morocco:  Journey into Morocco’s heart through its food, culture , Music and magic to better understand this exciting nation and passionate people.

Taylor made Tours to Morocco, your theme, your dates

Singles Morocco Tour – Join others

It is for solo travelers, couples, families, groups… usually lower budget tour

You’ll join a tour with similar travelers from around the world.


Qi Gong Morocco Tour

10 days of Cultural, Musical, Magical and Qi Full Explorations.

Jewish Morocco Tour

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