Sept 1-10, 2023: Blue Morocco

Blue Morocco Tour

10 days of impressive journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Cultural, Musical and magical explorations of the Blue Cities and More.


Cultural, Musical and magical explorations of the Blue Cities and More.

Beautiful tour to include the three “Blue cities”-  Chefchaouen, Fes and Essaouira.

(Also the red city of Marrakech and more)

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Shores of the Mediterranean sea.

You probably remember a beautiful photograph of the old city painted in Blue?

Feels so ancient and romantic, with the colorful flowers in pots following the alleyways or hanging on the walls or on top of them…

Or the photograph of the old style blue wooden boat in the ancient port of Essaouira?

Or the photograph of the “Bab Boujloud”= the blue gate in Fes?

The Blue color has many meanings for different people or groups.

One common belief is that blue acts as a protector from the “Evil Eye” , from bad luck or from any harm. Kinda like another form of insurance 🙂 …

Did you also know that flies, mosquitos, bees do not like the color blue?

I’m sure we will learn so much more, and feel so much deeper, and be in joy to enjoy so much more on this journey…

*Upon arrival in Casablanca airport, you’ll be picked up- watch for “Mugical-Morocco” sign at the reception area. (for pick up on other times that the tour arrival day, please request ahead of time (for a fee).

Departure from Marrakech airport.

This country’s history is a diverse tapestry, as varied as the colors woven into each carpet… Since ancient times Berber Dynasties, Jewish, Islamic, French, Spanish…have brought their own ethnic influence and have together knitted a vibrantly distinct region of West Africa. Journey into Morocco’s heart through its food, culture , Music and magic to better understand this exciting nation and passionate people.

We will travel Morocco to many cities, villages and ever changing geographic nature, explorations of Cultures, “museum of Life” and variety of tribal local music and Magic…

This is a cultural, Culinary (naturally) journey for music lovers and for the ones who are interested in personal growth and gaining life enhancing tools while having a joyful experiences of a lifetime…

We will travel from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea and view their meeting point at Tangier.

Did you know that the ocean and the sea do not really mix?

You can see where the water meet each other…

*Upon arrival in Casablanca airport, you’ll be picked up- watch for “Mugical-Morocco” sign at the reception area. (for pick up on other times that the tour arrival day, please request ahead of time (for a fee).

Departure from Marrakech airport.

Why you will love this tour:
  • Under the eye of a local tour guide, feel like you’ve travelled back to the Middle Ages in the labyrinthine medina of Fes
  • Drive through scenic ever changing geography, cities and traditional understand the culture and tradition of an indigenous population who have stood the test of time
  • For many people, their dream of Morocco is to visit the Blue city of Chefchaouen on the Riff Mountains or the beach town of Essaouira… This trip provides you with the opportunity to do just that
  • Take a guided tour through Marrakech’s lively medina and join the nightly carnival of fortune-tellers, dancers and medicine men in Jama’ el-Fna square.
  • We will enjoy varied and wonderful accommodations including 4* Hotels, Riad, Dar and a wonderful place with no title 🙂
  • Visit local home, meet great people outside and in the group. Our groups become like family.
  • Life enhancing Journey.


Day 1, Casablanca.

You will be greeted upon arriving in Mohamed V airport in Casablanca and transport to the hotel.

(If you wish to arrive a day early, we’ll be happy to arrange accommodations (depends on availability) and transportation from airport- for a fee.)

For the ones that arrive early am , we may arrange a visit to Mosque Hassan II, the third largest in the world, magnificent architecture and amazing artistic expressions of marble, metal, wood, ceramics, paintings and more, right on the Atlantic ocean.

We may also visit the only Jewish museum in a muslim country, in Casablanca.

We may stroll the Cornish, a walk along the Atlantic shore and enjoy at a cafe overlooking the ocean.

Or, recover from your flight at your 4* hotel.

Dinner (Included) and welcome introduction at a special restaurant.

Day 2- Casablanca- Chefchaouen

After breakfast, Depart to arrive ChefChaouen . (about 4 hrs drive)

Chefchaouen, or the ‘blue city’, which is arguably one of the prettiest places in Morocco. Set against a wide valley and nestled between two peaks (horns- the name Chafchaouen means- Look at the Horns ) in the stunning Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen may take you by surprise. Its medina has been lovingly cared for with striking blue washed houses, red-tiled roofs and artistic doorways. Much of Chefchaouen was recreated by Andalusian refugees escaping the Inquisition at the end of the 14th century, so you might feel like you’re in the hills of Spain while exploring its streets. Jews, Muslims and Christians used to live here in harmony. Ease into the relaxed pace of life in this rural retreat. Take an orientation guided walk through the ancient medina and shop for handicrafts, or simply sit at a cafe and enjoy the pleasure of time passing by. The local goats’ cheese on offer is a popular treat enjoyed by many visitors.

In the evening we’ll have local music , which has its Andalousi, Spanish and Moroccan influences. and dinner at our riad

Breakfast and Dinner included

Day 3- Chefchaouen- Moulai Idriss- Volubilis-Fes

Depart Chaouen to visit Moulai Idriss-(about 3 hrs) the town that Islam first arrived to.

Short stay for a delicious simple local bbq.

Then to the archeological site of Volubilis. (about 15 minuets drive)World Heritage-listed .Volubilis was one of the Roman empire’s most remote bases. The remains make an undeniably impressive sight as they come into view on the edge of a long, high plateau. When it was damaged by an earthquake in the 18th century, much of the marble was taken for construction in Meknes. Enjoy a tour of the ancient hilltop ruins with a local guide. Please remember to pack drinking water, hat, sunglasses and sun cream for this tour as it may get hot and you will be exposed to the sun. And, of course, don’t forget to take your camera as the town is filled with fantastic mosaics many of which remain intact. Discover the sea creature mosaic in the House of Orpheus, and see the exploits and labors of Hercules, which are depicted in stunning detail.

From Volubilis we’ll continue ( about 1.5hrs drive) to arrive our royal riad in Fes for dinner.

Breakfast and dinner included

Day 4-Fes

Undeniably fascinating, Fez stimulates the senses with its haunting yet beautiful sounds, visual splendor, and evocative smells. The most ancient of imperial capitals and the most complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is reminiscent of a city suspended in time, unfazed by the constantly evolving world outsides its walls, owing nothing to the Western world save electricity. Time spent in Fez will reveal much about the sophistication of the Moroccan artisan, providing an unparalleled learning experience to those who cross its path. The morning will be spent visiting a local clay factory, beautiful products made the same way for hundreds of years, from earth to magnificent finished pieces… visit the worldly known Tanneries of Fes…break for lunch at a Moroccan restaurant and will continue to explore the Medina and shop…

In the evening, after dinner, a Musical band of Aissaoua, rhythmic, trance and healing experience.

Breakfast and dinner included

Day 5-Fes-Ourika valley

Today is the longest drive of the whole tour. about 7 hrs.

Depart after breakfast. Beautiful , green valley, the mountains with red earth, river along side of the road, berber villages all along….

We will arrive in the evening and be hosted at a beautiful accommodations on a hill, facing mountains and very calming nature.

We’ll arrive for dinner, relaxation and sweet night sleep.

Breakfast and Dinner included.

Day 6- Ourika valley -Essaouira

After breakfast we’ll drive west to the coastal beach town of Essaouira. (About 3.5 hrs)

The name Essaouira means image, which is appropriate since it’s such a picturesque town. Its charm is undeniable; within the stone ramparts you’ll find whitewashed houses with bright blue shutters, art galleries and wood workshops. This laidback artists’ town is a former Portuguese trading colony and was once home to sizable Jewish populations. The town faces a group of rocky islands, called the Mogador, and is surrounded by an expanse of sandy beaches and dunes. It’s still a busy fishing port and its pretty harbor is filled with tiny mainly blue boats which go out early every morning for the day’s catch. Visitors who have been seduced by its charms include Orson Welles and Jimi Hendrix, who (according to local legend) spent much of his time here in the 1960s. More recently, filmmaker Ridley Scott chose the ramparts as an important location for his film, Kingdom of Heaven. As you’ll arrive late in the day, it is beautiful to stroll around. In the evening perhaps have some dinner with the group, as the local seafood is as fresh as it gets.

Breakfast and lunch included

Day 7- Essaouira

Today, join a local guide for a walking tour through the old medina, Jewish mellah, port and skala (sea wall). Afterwards, use your free time to enjoy the town. The narrow streets of Essaouira are ideal for casual exploration. Their size discourages cars, and on walk through the town it feels as though little has changed since the days of sea pirates. The fishing port is a serious commercial operation and there’s much fun to be had observing the daily catch and its subsequent auction. A freshly-cooked plate of the day’s catch is highly recommended. Browse the plentiful shops and intriguing art galleries that make this little town a particularly pleasant place to unwind for a few days. It has a growing reputation for its unique art and its tiny shops that are built into the thick walls of the Portuguese ramparts. 

Relax by the beach …

Seafood dinner is special.

Breakfast and Dinner included.

Day 8- Essaouira- Marrakech

After breakfast we’ll drive to the red city of Marrakech. (about 3 hrs)

This unique city is located where the desert and mountains meet. Known is the “Pearl of the South” or the Red City it was established in the 11th century by the Almoravid Dynasty. We’ll arrive at our hotel for lunch and rest by the pool. Later in the afternoon we’ll go on an introductory tour of monumental Marrakech featuring ramparts and gates, gardens and Jamaa el Fna square where there is colorful action of acrobats, snake charmers, water servers, many people… we’ll enjoy a mint tea at the roofs of Café Argana overlooking the never ending entertainment of this square.

We will conclude the day with dinner and optional another evening of music with local Chaabi Band, Andalousi music at an amazing looking restaurant. 

Breakfast and lunch included

Day 9- Marrakech

We will devote our morning to the exploration of Marrakech’s many historical sites, including the Saadian Tombs, the Bahia Palace, and the city’s focal point: the 12th century Koutoubia Minaret. After lunch, we will have an opportunity to visit the souks, a plethora of alleyways with multicolored shops, and the Jamaa El Fna Square, where snake charmers, acrobats, and fortune-tellers put on a never-ending show.

Usually the day will end with dinner and a musical evening at a local Family home and a group of Dekka Marrakchia or Tkitikat, Dakka Marrakchia is considered as a musical genre and is produced by polyrhythmic percussion and choral chants.

Lots of rhythms, trance, spiritual, funny and joyful…

Breakfast and Dinner included

Day 10- Marrakech airport

End for an amazing, exhilarating, cultural, spiritual and joyful experience…

We will transport you to the airport in Marrakech for a flight back home.

Note: Marrakech-Casablanca.

Is about 4 hrs drive.

Therefore we chose departure from Marrakech and avoid hrs of driving and missing night sleep

Included and not

*9 nights’/10 days accommodation Half Board in Hotels (mostly 4*) and Riads and beautiful places with no title 🙂 as indicated in the itinerary two meals daily.

*Land Transportation in a deluxe bus throughout the journey.

*Services of guides and escort.

*Music bands as indicated in Itinerary.

*Tickets to monuments and museums are not included.

*Tips are not included

*Itinerary may change without early notice.

*The pace, culture, values and timing in Morocco are very different than ours, please expect delays and changes already! We still can have great and deep exploration and much fun.

*I put together the itinerary according to my passion, what I liked & enjoyed the most. When joining my adventures you agree to release me (Dror Sinai) from any liability that may occur.

*Please make sure to purchase a travel insurance when you purchase your air ticket. (Must)

*Make sure you have your passport ready and valid.(min 6 months)

*I’ll be happy to introduce you to my travel agent if need help with airplane tickets.

Can’t wait for another mugical journey.

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