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Welcome to our new website. The website is still under construction, if you get into a snug or something is missing or just a compliment, please let us know .

We’re a very small company, never have time or resources to develop the website enough, however, our contents and offerings are known to be incredibly special, life enhancing opportunities!

The testimonials will help you understand and trust.

Our tours are mostly small groups about 15 people.

Our attitude is “Grass Roots” style, when it comes to marketing, we’d rather share with you than an advertising co.-see “Deals”

Our intention is to better the world (also known as Tikun Olam) . We do that with inspiring others, with searching and sharing inspiration. awareness, personal growth, personal peace, world peace… part of it with creating “parallel reality”… We feel the “system of slavery” is strongly ruled by the banks, therefore we’d rather use the banks and corps as minimalistic as possible.

We’d rather exchange with cash than a credit card.(although optional)

We look at each person we work with , eye to eye, heart to heart

Looking forward to sharing and bettering with you

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Our Story

In 2009 I was invited to perform as a guest musician at the World Sacred Music Festival in Fes with the Yuval Ron Ensemble. The experience was so deeply inspiring that I thought everyone must explore and enjoy this most inspiring adventure of a lifetime…

The sweet, warm, welcoming people, the ever-changing beautiful landscape, the colorful and bustling markets, the delicious food, the haunting, trancy, varied healing music…

Blessed with new awareness of “My Life by My Design” after doing a deep soul journey and recognizing that I love traveling, I love Morocco, I love Music , I love Delicious healthy food, I love Exploring, I love meeting New people, I love Learning and I love Teaching ,I love Growing and Expanding, Sharing and Performing…

and I love to do Good in the World

These perspectives and intentions manifested themselves with “Mugical Morocco Tours” , 

Mugical = stands for Musical & Magical

Since then, I’m having My Life by My Design and I offer the opportunity for many to join, elevate their personal life and enhance the world while exploring the self through a joyful explorations of this amazing culture.

I’m happy to share my story and inspire others to do their life by their design… This is part of personal growth and healing we’ll gain along the journey.

I’ve been blessed to perform few more times at the Word Sacred Music Festival with Yair Dalal and others and be a guest at other festivals and Concerts Including “Gnaoua Festival”  and “Andalous Atlantique” in Essaouira, Rabat, La Fol in Casablanca, La Mamunia in Marrakech and more…

My life has expanded and so did the Tours we offer , collaborations with different teachers and leaders, with themes that I personally appreciate: Beside “Mugical Morocco” we also offer

 “Blue Morocco”, “jewish Morocco”, “World Peace Morocco”, 

“Qi Gong Morocco”, “Culinary Morocco”, “Drumming Morocco”, 

“Healing & Personal Growth Morocco”, “In the Foot Steps of Paul Bowls” and creating tours for Individuals, Families and Groups personalized with their own specific Interests.

I invite you again to join and share this extraordinary spiritual, cultural, Healing, Magical & musical Journeys…

You’re welcome to communicate with me