Qi Gong Morocco Tour

Nov TBA, 2020

10 days of Cultural, Musical, Magical and Qi Full Explorations.

Our Guest Facilitator is the very respectful, Worldly Qi Gong Master-Mr. Lee Holden.

The Theme this journey will be Qi Gong for self healing. As we travel through we will engage in daily Qi Gong lessons, practices and instructions to receive
“Certificate of Completion: QiGong for self Healing”

What is special about this tour?

Travel and get certified !!! We are so excited for this new collaboration with Master Qi Gong teacher, acupuncturist and healer Mr. Lee Holden. Lee has been helping more than 10,000 people for more than 25 years in his field, a leading power …read more about him here.

As a part of “My Life by My Design” , and as another proof for
“The Magic of the Flow” 🙂 I’m so exited for this opportunity to manifest what I like and believe in and to offer it to others for a better world..

We’ll travel through beautiful Morocco from the Atlantic Ocean to the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert.
From new cities to ancient medinas (cities), villages and private homes. Deep culture, beautiful architecture, delicious food, trance and healing music…

While we explore and travel, we will regularly practice:

  • Qi Gong Stretches
  • Qi Gong Flows
  • Self Acupressure
  • Tools and techniques to transform stress into vitality

What will you gain?

Beside an amazing experience of Journey of a lifetime?

** “Certificate of Completion: QiGong for self Healing”
(which counts as hours towards a Qi Gong teacher certification)

** In addition, we offer you 50% discount off “5 Element Energy Flow” program online.

This is an amazing opportunity to travel, explore, be entertained and be practical and receive formal gains… get your certificate while you party 🙂

Oh, one more thing: I’m sure your bucket list includes a Qi Gong on a camel ?! 🙂


Got your interest?
This is a very limited tour for the right people.
Please email for itinerary or for any question you may have.

More about Morocco:

This country’s history is a diverse tapestry, as varied as the colors woven into each carpet… Since ancient times Berber Dynasties, Jewish, Islamic, French, Spanish…have brought their own ethnic influence and have together knitted a vibrantly distinct region of West Africa. Journey into Morocco’s heart through its food, culture , Music and magic to better understand this exciting nation and passionate people.

We will travel Morocco to many cities, villages and ever changing geographic nature, explorations of Cultures, “museum of Life” and variety of tribal local music and Magic…This is a cultural, Culinary (naturally) journey for music lovers and for the ones who are interested in personal growth and gaining life enhancing tools while having a joyful experiences of a lifetime…

*Upon arrival in Casablanca airport, you’ll be picked up- watch for “Mugical-Morocco” sign at the reception area. (for pick up on other times that the tour arrival day, please request ahead of time (for a fee). Departure from Fes airport is Suggested. (to avoid driving in middle of the night for 4:30 hrs to arrive Casablanca airport)

Why you will love this tour:

Under the eye of a local tour guide, feel like you’ve travelled back to the Middle Ages in the labyrinthine medina of Fes
Drive through scenic ever changing geography, cities and traditional villages in the Atlas Mountains. understand the culture and tradition of an indigenous population who have stood the test of time
For many people, their dream of Morocco is a camel trek or walk through the dramatic red dunes of the Sahara Desert This trip provides you with the opportunity to do just that

Take a guided tour through Marrakech’s lively medina and join the nightly carnival of fortune-tellers, dancers and medicine men in Jama’ el-Fna square. We will enjoy varied and wonderful accommodations including 4* Hotels, Riad, Dar and a wonderful place with no title 🙂
Enjoy, trance and heal with variety of Moroccan music along the way. Visit local home, meet great people outside and in the group. Our groups become like family. Life enhancing Journey.


Got your interest?
This is a very limited tour for the right people.
Please email for itinerary or for any question you may have.