Qi Gong Morocco Tour

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10 days of Cultural, Musical, Magical and Qi Full Explorations.

The Theme this journey will be Qi Gong for self healing. As we travel through we will engage in daily Qi Gong lessons, practices and instructions to receive.

What is special about this tour?

As a part of “My Life by My Design,” and as another proof for “The Magic of the Flow,” I’m so exited for this opportunity to manifest what I like and believe in and to offer it to others for a better world. We’ll travel through beautiful Morocco from the Atlantic Ocean to the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert.

From new cities to ancient medinas (cities), villages and private homes. Deep culture, beautiful architecture, delicious food, trance and healing music…

While we explore and travel, we will regularly practice:

  • Qi Gong Stretches
  • Qi Gong Flows
  • Self Acupressure
  • Tools and techniques to transform stress into vitality

What will you gain?

Beside an amazing experience of Journey of a lifetime?
This is an amazing opportunity to travel, explore, be entertained and be practical and receive Health, joy and spiritual gains…Oh, one more thing: I’m sure your bucket list includes a Qi Gong on a camel ?!