Singles Morocco Tour- Join others.

We had requests for tours from singles who were not able to meet our scheduled tours.

Now, we are able to offer you to join other tours on your own dates.

This is a new adventure for us but looks really promising.

It is really beneficial for singles who like to meet others while traveling adventurous and affordable journeys.

Let us know your available dates and we’ll let you know the available tours.

The cost is less than our group tours however the service is different: includes comfortable 2-3 stars accommodations, B&B.

Transport from/to airport is complemented most of the time.(not always)

If this is for you, please email us a request- 

Morocco’s history is a diverse tapestry, as varied as the colors woven into each carpet… Since ancient times Berber Dynasties, Jewish, Islamic, French, Spanish…have brought their own ethnic influence and have together knitted a vibrantly distinct region of West Africa. Journey into Morocco’s heart through its food, culture , Music and magic to better understand this exciting nation and passionate people.