Taylor made Tours to Morocco, your theme, your dates

Being a small and personal company (and we choose to keep small) we are able to create Taylor made Morocco tours for you, your family or  your group!

Personalized to your own desires, interests, as many days as you like, on the dates that work for you, travel level that you choose .

There is no better than that !

Are you interested in a retreat? Yoga, healing, spiritual, music, culinary, do you want to have a wedding in Morocco? Find your roots in Morocco?

Do you want to hike more? or more in the cities? Do you want it all?:)

Are you interested in shopping? Ceramics? Textiles? Leather? Surfing?

We do not have it all but we do have much and for the rest, we know the right questions and where to ask.

we have years of experience and are able to create magic for you.

When I met that pretty woman and she learned we arrange tours in Morocco, she screamed :” Really? that’s on my bucket list”

I said “ well, you don’t need a bucket anymore”

She replied: “ Who needs a bucket if you have Dror “  🙂

It’s a little inside and personal joke so don’t worry if it did not make you smile…:)

In any case- 

we are happy to Taylor a tour by your desire, on your own time !

email us to start the conversation