Why Travel with Mugical Morocco Tours:

We get it!

It is not every day that you fly across the world into an ancient city of Fes for example, with over 14,000 alley ways to get lost at 🙂 or to enjoy… or the Sahara Desert or the Blue City of Chefchaouen…

We explored these for many years and have connections and contacts that will safely and joyfully will host you and guide you.

We often visit at peoples homes, we have just the right guides for specific interests, we’ve been at each city or restaurant already…

We usually have small groups and they become a sweet , loving , caring family to share adventures with.

Our travelers come from all walks of life, what unites them is the destination- Morocco.

Small groups are wonderful vehicle for new connections, new perspectives and making experiences and stories that will last way beyond the sun tan…

We understand that every journey out to a different country and culture is also a journey in for 

personal awareness and growth.

We love to create connections, we love to promote sustainability, health and peace…

We get it ! and we are here to help you get it!  with safety , peace and joy…

So, let’s get started, which perspective is the perfect fit for you now ?

“Mugical Morocco”

“Blue Morocco”

“Jewish Morocco”

“Qi Gong Morocco”

“Cuisine Morocco”

“In the Foot Steps of Paul Bowls”

“Drumming and Healing Morocco”

“Singles Tour”

“Private specialty Tour”

The Magic of the Flow…