Important notes

A SINGLE supplement is available on most trips for a fee, with possible exceptions. 


Complimentary arrival transfer is included on most trips on the specific date, but please note it has to be confirmed. Please advise your exact arrival details; flight number, date and time. We will be unable to provide complimentary transfer without these details.


The receipt of commissions or kickbacks in exchange for recommending particular shops, services or activities is ingrained in the culture of the Moroccan tourism industry.(and in most of the world) In an effort to best control and monitor shopping and activities with an aim for the best experience possible, we have established a system of carefully selected shopping experiences and activities based on positive feedbacks from our previous travelers. Please note that if you feel that you do not wish to shop in on these shopping experiences we assure you there is no obligation and if you indicate your desire to not partake your group leader will help to facilitate a suitable alternative during this time.

We’ve created systems which distribute towards locals as tips, for our travelers drinking water and leader bonuses.

While Mugical Morocco endeavors to ensure that these suppliers and services maintain reasonable levels of quality and prices please note recommended suppliers are chosen based on past travelers feedback and experiences and we cannot explicitly guarantee the quality of the product nor the price.It is your responsibility to account for your own shopping.

We do our best that the experience of you our traveller is not compromised in any way. Please let us know via the feedback after your trip if we are successfully meeting this objective.