At times, circumstances that are beyond our control seem to interfere with our plans

You drive for a meeting and the traffic is so bad, you arrive later than planned. Or during my Morocco tours we arrive at the venue after confirming reservations to find that it’s closed. Or the musical band who is planned to perform for us is not able to arrive…
I used to get really stressed, nervous, depleted as my energy was busy with the “defeat” … I had plans and when it was not flowing according to MY plan, it felt like a disaster…Until I slowed my mind down, breathed, I realized that focusing my attention on the solution part ,I had met with the natural flow of things and each problem or change resulted in a better experience than original plan!
When traffic was bad and I was late to the meeting but the person I met on the elevator had the right inspiration to make the meeting a success.
When the venue was closed it allowed us to visit a new venue to where I have never been or allowed us to share more time in the market and one of the travelers found what they were looking for at that moment!
Or when the planned band was not able to arrive, we had a new and different band that was a wonderful and a better surprise
With these experiences, I’ve learned to flow with whatever the circumstances are, think of a solution, do the first step and trust it will be even better
Here is a circumstance I’m challenged with and invite you to suggest, participate or connect with the right people and solutions. I’d really appreciate receiving your opinion.

Qi Gong Morocco Tour, Nov 8-17/2019 is postponed to Nov 2020.

Lee Holden, my Qi Gong teacher is expecting his inspiring and mind blowing movie “Super Human”
To be done and premiering in November (It was planned to be ready in March, then June and now Nov. same dates as planned the Qi Gong Morocco tour) The movie shows of David who searches the world for 30 years, for people with special powers.
It shows of Human potential of no limits and very inspiring! Watch it!

So in the meantime in Morocco, I have reservations ready and all these people are waiting to serve us and depend on us for their living: The Driver, the Bus co. the Riad owners and Workers, the Hotel rooms, the Musicians, the Guides along the way to name a few …

So I breathe deeply, I recognize my plan is changing and I’m focusing on a solution, knowing from past experience it will be better somehow…

  • First step, I accept the circumstances.
  • Second step, meditating for a better solution.
  • Third step, doing the first step.

In my meditation, I’m inspired to create a tour where I’ll share my experience of Qi Gong, share Drumming lessons and offer Personal Healing sessions along the way. Most people know me for my music and drumming skills, not many as of yet aware of my healing side: To name few: I’ve been blessed to be able to help people release fear (fear of driving, of heights, of the future…) relief physical pain (“thank you Dror, no need for surgery anymore!!!”), relieve pain of abandonment, of loss, help gain self esteem, clear the mind for future plans, alleviate the challenge of motion sickness, elevate personal feelings and opinions of one’s self…I use a variety of methods I’ve experienced, studied and explored over many years, including Sound Healing,Hypnotherapy, RET, Reiki and mainly energy and intent.

Magic Happens !

Also, I offer a HUGE discount like never before! Instead of $3,500 the tour will be $1,750 !!! This is a savings of 50% !!! email me

There are more reasons than just money here! I would really like to support everyone in Morocco, the ones who are dependent on us for their livelihood as well as all of you who are not yet aware how their life will be changed for the better after this journey. These are the inspirations I came up with. Using the reserved dates, creating a new, practical, elevating and inspirational itinerary and offering
savings of 50%

Email me

I’m excited of the ideas, the concept and bettering the situation.

Please read and FEEL my words and intention. Are you interested in an amazing journey of culture, joy, healing…? Are you interested to take advantage of this great value and savings?
(save $1,750 !!! like NEVER before)

Email me and please share and invite friends- In order to make it happen, deadline to register is Sept. 15/ 2019
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